The Inflatable

I’ve seen inflatables before, from Zodiacs to lagoon worth inner tubes, but yesterday was a first. An inflatable canoe, called by the name Sea Eagle. As we were walking Max at the lagoon, a couple pulled out an inflatable canoe from their truck bed and carried it down the walkway to the small beach.   We stood on a small bluff above and watched as they attempted to climb in without capsizing – success was theirs.


The thing that struck me, after looking at some of the shots was that the woman was always smiling. She seemed so full of joy at this experience, her partner had a serious expression that baffled me. Was he afraid of the water, worried they might spring a leak. I’ll never know, but it was a craft I had never seen before. It looked more like something you’d float in a large swimming pool. And what about that fish?

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