Pay Up . . .

“Did you come to pay condolences?” A line on Law and Order SVU to Benson and Stabler. A line which started me noodling, no not hillbilly handfishin’ , but racking my noodle about  the word PAY and some of its complexities.


So, here’s my take . . . What’s yours?



Pay – a sum received for legitimate work.

Payback – a hit to the knees for illegitimate work.

Pay it Forward – a good deed done to an unsuspecting stranger, asked for or not.

Paypal  – a way to avoid exposing your credit card number online.

Pay-Per-View – Something you pay for with PayPal to avoid . . .

Payment – Something you make for a purchase or service, or to your bookie.

Payroll –  A list of wiseguys and what the Don owes them

Payoff – Sometimes cash, sometimes trips to St. Lucia – depending on who you know and what you want.

Payday – Maybe the candy bar, maybe the board or video game – sure to be something good.

Payola – What you’ll need to get that your hot new tune in the hands of someone in the music biz.

Payless – Don’t you wish.

Pay rate – A scale which can be unfair to female employees.


Pay as You Go – Divorce and no contract cell phones.

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