Digital Bibles popping up in more pews, pulpits

Hardcover Bibles are no longer always found in hotel rooms worldwide, either. Last month, a hotel in Newcastle, England, replaced the hardcover Bibles in all 148 guest rooms with Amazon Kindles, preloaded with Bibles. It’s exploring doing the same in all 44 hotels the InterContinental Hotels Group owns worldwide.


Another hotel —- the Damson Dene, in England’s Lake District —- replaced Bibles on nightstands with the popular novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.”




via FAITH & VALUES: Digital Bibles popping up in more pews, pulpits.





4 comments on “Digital Bibles popping up in more pews, pulpits

  1. A few tidbits I found about Kindles –

    Get a free Kindle with your hotel stay through After you book three or more consecutive nights totaling $450 before taxes and fees. Book your travel by  August 30, 2011, and travel by Sepember 5th and  you will receive a free Kindle after your stay.

    Use coupon code “BOOKWORM” when you make your reservation. If you need a hotel room but are not planning to spend $450, search under “Summer Giftaway” to see if you can qualify for 30% off rates or a $25 gas card.
    Hotel Indigo is keeping close tabs on the devices. Just like with fluffy hotel robes, the full cost of any pilfered Kindle will be charged to a guest’s credit card. For the first two weeks of the program, the hotel is allowing guests to download any other religious texts they like, up to $8 in value, for free.

  2. I’m torn by this – love how much better it is for the environment, but there is something so much more “spiritual” (imo) and tangible and HUMAN about holding and feeling a book (ANY book!) and it’s pages…great post!

  3. I agree. The thing about iPads in the congregation, which I’m sure happens – people may get bored and check their email, play a game, read the paper. Not that people don’t talk in church, do crossword puzzles or write notes to each other now. I even saw a man who was with us, get out a little took kit and change the battery in his watch. We were at a Christian seminar and the worship team was on stage. You never know.

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