The Shampoo ritual or … money down the drain


Why on earth do we spend so much money on our hair when it’s only a fraction of the total real estate of our bodies?  If  the dome is bare,  you’ll likely be a no-spender.  If you have hair down to there you’ll no doubt line your tub and cabinet with a multitude of products.

In  1882  cowboys came into Dodge twice a year for a bath,  a shave, a visit to the ladies at the saloon and to do some gambling.  They washed their hair with the same soap they used to scrub off the trail dirt. A good deal for a dime. 

In the 70s, Telly Savalas made the polished no-hair style look popular,  and today there are many who favor this cool look – whether by artistic desire or mother’s nature’s curse.

For some of us today’s  hair care  ritual goes a little like this. Choose our shampoo. Do we want smooth and silky, fuller body, curly or straight. Perhaps a few flakes make the decision for us. Rinse well and choose our conditioner, light and natural, hot oil  and so on. Rinse again and towel slightly. Apply a product to build up the body, hold in place for days – foam or gel? Comb through, style and blow dry or not. Now the last product leaves our hair a little dry. Out comes the leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle, comb through and restyle. Finally, the finishing touch – hairspray to keep that expensive ritual in place for a few hours.

Two days later, repeat the ritual.  Why? Just because.

For all you dog lovers.

For all the hippies in the blogosphere.



2 comments on “The Shampoo ritual or … money down the drain

  1. For fuller body hair use a swimming pool with too much chlorine. It makes the hair all separate by removing all the oils. You need shampoo just to get it to stick together again.

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