The 100 Pound Pitbull – and other bulls

One of the offices I visit has three women with bulls, two Pits and an American Bully Dog. Now Pits are beloved of some and hated by others. If you’ve had a bad experience with one or the other, then you are probably not a fan of these dogs. With the exception of Cali, one sweet Pitbull puppy who comes to the dog park, I admit, I tread carefully around these dogs. Picture is of Cali.

Max was mauled, nearly a year ago by American Bully Dog, that’s when the women in the office started telling me about their dogs. Over the months their concerns grew and they related some issues which, in my opinion really need to be dealt with.

The one-hundred-pound Pitbull is fearful of many things, from riding in the car to walking on the bare floor in the hallway. At three-years-old, she has anxiety problems which need immediate attention. Hard on the dog and the owners. I recommended that she find someone who can help the dog overcome her fears. The young woman emailed me a picture of herself and Ruby – I created something artsy for her which she now uses as her screen saver. I am hoping things improve for that family and Ruby.

Next, a young woman who has a two-year-old child who likes to put her face right in the their Pitbull’s face – and tease the dog. RED LIGHT! I wanted to tell her to make a choice now before something very bad happens. I think it was her husband her wanted this breed – now the mother is worried – and so am I. The most lovable dog, when pushed to its limits can turn on a dime.

Finally, a woman with an American Bully dog . Over the last year her dog has become somewhat aggressive and even took a bite out of one of the other dogs mentioned. Walking the dog has become a problem. Again, she needs to get help for her sake and the sake of others.

I do know that dogs who are kept inside all day while owners work get frustrated and anxious. Exercise is a key element for any dog, it provides both physical and mental health rewards. I don’t have the answers to the problems these women face, but finding the best solution, and finding it now may save them future trouble. They can ask their vets for information, search online and start to make a change for the better.

While Max is a rescue, a stray brought into the shelter who was adopted and returned, we have no idea of his background. Is he perfect, heck no. He has his quirks, like barking at skateboarders and gardener’s trucks pulling trailers. If he really likes you,he’ll lick your toes. He’s part German Shepherd, that part makes him hyper-alert us when a stranger comes on the property, and he is very protective when I walk him – sometimes too protective. He’s also part Beagle, and for that reason he can never be off leash on a trail – he would be gone in 30 seconds after some rabbit and not come back. They say if you don’t train a beagle to recall when they are a puppy, the best thing you can do is make sure they are micro-chipped. Max goes to the Dog Park daily and runs for about 40 minutes, he goes to Big Dog camp once week where he has a play date with dogs twice his size. And, he gets about 4 other walks daily. We are live in a condo, second floor and are retired, so all this exercise is not a problem for us as it can be for owners who work.
Dogs hold a special place in our hearts, they deserve the best we can give them. Agree?


2 comments on “The 100 Pound Pitbull – and other bulls

  1. Ditto. I wish I’d known that about beagles…I had a part beagle mutt when I was little and he took off in a farmer’s field one day. I sat there in the middle of the crop crying for hours but he came back and the reunion was even more emotional. 🙂

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