Seeking Revenue, Postal Service Plans to Deliver More Junk Mail – NYTimes.com.

Been to your mailbox lately? We have one of those gunmetal grey  ‘banks’ where you turn your key and hope for something positive to happen. Maybe a package from Amazon or eBay, a check for a trillion dollars from an unknown admirer.  Or any kind of check with more than two zeros attached. If only.

Now that the US Postal Service has decided to deliver more junk mail, they are broke you know, to increase revenue and possibly cause more back problems with letter carriers  – we have a problem.   For two days we somehow avoided the ‘bank’ not, thinking clearly. The tiny key turned in the tiny lock and the sight was horrifying!

Quick get me the Jaws of Life, getting this postal cargo out of its cramped space was going to be a challenge. Big time.

Sure, I expected to be slammed with ‘Vote for Me’ mail and the usual grocery store ads, and as a shopper I wait patiently for them.  But there was more, oh so much more. I had to wonder, was this a way of putting printers, graphic designers, paper mill employees and ink manufactures back to work? If so, the unemployment numbers should be astounding – which, they are not.

So much waste as 90⁒ of the mail goes in the circular file. The ads or letters  with print on one side are used for making grocery lists and taking notes, not a total waste if you recycle. I carefully muscled the freight out, torn grocery ads, wrinkled envelopes and all  – and put the junk in the trunk.

Once the pile had been quickly, and expertly sifted and discarded, I noticed a 9X12 yellow envelope envelop – all I noticed at first was the large red letters that promised HANDLE  WITH CARE: BLESSED FATIMA CANDLE ENCLOSED! Now, not being Catholic, I had no idea who was sending me this. Closer inspection revealed that it came from a non-profit: AMERICA NEEDS FATIMA. And I thought we needed God, Liberty and the Truth – and a bunch of other stuff – the pursuit of happiness over NO JUNK MAIL among them.  The Fatima connection was new to me. However, we also receive mail from other non-profits, all asking for money and sending a FREE GIFT! Christians and VETS and a raft of others too numerous to mention. So, please don’t say I am picking on one religion.

I decided to count the amount of paper in the ANF (American Needs Fatima) envelop. There were 3 pages, printed front and back explaining the program. DON’T KEEP THE CANDLE,  on the first. The idea is to send the candle, the size of a birthday cake candle, back along with your prayer intentions/requests. Why? Your candle and thousands of others will be melted and made into a enormous  candle and taken to Fatima. But please hurry – don’t be left out – I will send other gifts. Okay, I knew it was coming. All the promises for a mere $17.00.

Back to the paper count. An 8×10, glossy likeness of the Lady herself, promising to change lives if you display it in your home.  Then a 5.5×7 fold over with a priest’s photo and a note with more promises. And, a postage paid envelope to mail back the candle, prayer intentions and that $17.00. Wouldn’t a one page letter asking for a donation save our rain forest?The post office delivers more junk mail, which we  put in the recycle bin which makes more products to go in the recycle bin.  Is this crazy or what?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWCVXIoRIhM  Pay attention to the credits at the end.



  1. I used to look forward to visitng the letterbox but now I don’t as there is never anything fun or interesting in it (just bills and junk mail). Maybe we should start a postcard movement or something to restore the sense of anticipation associated with the humble letterbox.

  2. Mail has become a thing of the past. Email and cellphone. It arrives instantly and direct to the recipient. No one answers the home phone anymore either. Imagine if I sent a letter to you about this post.

  3. I would cherish that letter and frame it for posterity – next generation will have no idea what a pen or a sheet of paper is for – stamps, what were they? If you didn’t watch the video about going paperless, I have to tell you it was created by students at a Catholic University in Korea.



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