Where’s the beach?

At the end of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon lies a strip of beach that locals refer to as dog beach. Lately, the paddleboarderes  have claimed this as their  launching spot. So, dogs and paddlers, boards, canoes and kayaks share this bit of  sand and surf.  Today  was the first time I have ever seen the beach disappear, about a 6 foot tide at hight tide and there was no place to set down a beach chair or safely leave your flip-flops or sandals.

Temperatures, at the coast hit high 80s and several miles inland 90+. Little wonder people were still enjoying what may be a permanent sport at our lagoon.

One guy saw me approaching and decided to pose for me – he complained he was too old and too fat, but asked me if I could give him a six-pack – said in photoshop, anything was possible. He had a great sense of humor and eventually shoved off in his kayak.


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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