The Purple Onion . . . etc.

   No, not that one.  The one that’s sitting in my refrigerator, being sliced thinly –  hoping it will be worth the $1.00 paid!

It’s only an onion, a vegetable that adds color and heat to salads and burgers. 

Now let’s talk beef – pretty soon it will be ‘Where’s the Beef.” The other day there must have been a mistake on the price of ground beef. Sure, it was extra lean, but so would have my wallet been had I paid the $10.00 per pound listed on the package! The deal of the day at a local supermarket was only $8.49 a pound, if you bought a 3 pound lump of red gold.

How will this effect fast food burger joints, or places like Smashburger, which already charges a hefty price for a burger.

Done beefing. Except for that $4.00 bag of potato chips! What? Both WalMart and the local supermarket were charging the same exorbitant price.

Now, would you like to buy a hamburger?


3 comments on “The Purple Onion . . . etc.

  1. Steve Martin! Yes this was a great piece of work. My daughter hadn’t seen the movie before I started quoting the lines and she thought I’d really lost it. Remember what things cost when you were a kid. … like 28 cents a gallon for gas. I’ve been in sticker shock since the first time they told me it was $50 for a pair of baby shoes. No problem there but they can’t even walk yet. I do, though, enjoy a juicy burger.

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