In loving memory of a 4-legged friend

He was a leaner and a lover,  a one-hundred and forty pound Rottweiler named Henry who kept the peace at the dog park. Henry was a daily visitor at the local dog park,  he would meander from bench to bench getting his pets and pats from those who knew him. If he decided to lean on you it was time to dig in or hold onto a friend.  That was a whole of of lovin’ goin’ on.

His owner, Lyn  was a big man, and wore a harness with a ring in front where he attached Henry, who at one time, on a trail, pulled his owner face down in the bushes.

Max walks the perimeter at the dog park.

Max walks the perimeter at the dog park.

We hadn’t been to the dog park with Max for a few weeks, we would pull in, survey the dogs and if it looked risky, leave for a nearby trail. But this sunny November day all looked fine. Lots of small dogs, and dogs we knew, with the exception of a feisty boxer named Bella and two sibling terriers. There was Boomer, jumping as high as an elephant’s eye, or close to it as he sprung into the air for a well-worn  frisbee. There was Rookie, a sweet little dog who liked  jump up on the bench and snuggle anyone nearby, and who lived with another pup named Camille. Daisy was on her way out and Girlie-Girl was just coming into the park.

I asked Rookie’s owner if he had seen Henry lately, it was then I learned that this wonderful dog had passed on in his sleep a week or so ago. He was only seven, and I don’t know what happened. I do know that he will be missed by all who met him and grew to look forward to his peaceful spirit.

Old friend, missing Henry.

Old friend, missing Henry.


7 comments on “In loving memory of a 4-legged friend

  1. It’s always so sad when a pet dies. They do become part of a family and like this one, part of a community. I have 2 dogs and a horse buried on my property. They were faithful companions and I loved them.
    Thanks for the memorial post.

  2. It’s a mystery how I came to this site and read this. My husband & I have been rescuing rotties for 28 years. We have two now, Max & Bella (puppies). It’s sobering to look at that face, knowing he only had 7 years. We lost our last one, Tazzie, at 15+ which is ancient for a rottie. And, that was too soon for us. Her portrait hangs on our bedroom wall. It’s never easy but what joy when they are with us. Bless your sweet heart for this homage to Henry, a most handsome boy.

  3. Thank you for your rescue work, dogs bring us so much joy and knowing their are so many good people involved in saving those they can. My daughter was working with a German Shepherd Rescue Group to find her perfect match after losing both her Husky/hybrid wolf and Malamute in the same year. Love your rotties, pups are so precious. Andrea

    Keep looking up!


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