Friday Drabble – Merry Crassmas to All


‘Twas the week before Christmas

And my mailbox was full

Email not snail-mail,

And none of it cool.

Now what should I do,

Oh Gmail, Hotmail and old Yahoo?

Such a plethora  of dotcoms

All blather and clamor

Buy, Amazon, Ebay and Coupons

Let’s all tap to their store.

But it’s known to all

All  goodies are  not in the Mall.

It’s good-bye to gift cards,

So passé don’t you think,

A bit of weirdness,

Now don’t you blink.

The Nativity’s forgotten,

The Christ Child verboten.

Merry Crassmas to all

Using  PayPal or Visa

To make our day.

11259_1067550346715_1764761801_139668_85879_n 3263 Picture  baby face drug-dealer-magnet-set_imagegal smoker-mittens Picture 1 weird-and-funny-christmas-gifts-squirrel-feet-earrings Wegnercompleteswissarmyknife


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