The Day After ‘Christmas’ Pill

The day after Christmas
And all through the stores
The shoppers returned
With boxes galore.

Armed with receipts
And tinsel-strew hair
They struggled and juggled,
Eyes locked in a stare.

Their vision was clouded
With sales and returns
Pushing and shoving,
Not one taking turns.

Was it worth all the cost,
The crush and the crowd
To make someone happy
And do yourself proud?

The bills are coming
And the feet are still aching
Christmas is over.
And there’s no mistaking
You’ll do it all over . . .




2 comments on “The Day After ‘Christmas’ Pill

  1. Once again, all the best for the new year. It was my third year to internet shop xmas. I entered no stores. How the world has changed. I miss ToysRUs.

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