Doggie DNA – real or . . . ?

Nearly three years ago we rescued Max, who was named Monty by the shelter staff, from the Humane Society. We were told he was a Shepherd mix, probably a hound of some type, perhaps Beagle. Who really knew. Now he was certainly hyper vigilant when it came to strangers near the condo, well aren’t Shepherds known for their protective instincts? Then there was the nose to the ground, constantly tracking like a vacuum cleaner back and forth on any trail we traveled. Max certainly lived up to what we were told.

DNA reportThen a few months ago I read about Doggie DNA testing and  my husband said he’d like to really know the  family of canines that all came down to our pup. Well, Christmas was coming and if I could find the best price for Wisdom Panel Insights – Mixed Breed, I would wrap that up and we would truly know what Max had under that fur.  Or so I thought. I shopped around and found prices that varied – as often as $25.00, depending on the site. As an Amazon shopper, they had the best price and offered free shipping.

The process was simple, make sure Max hadn’t eaten anything for 2 hours prior – found best time was right after he woke up. They give you 2 swabs, use both to collect DNA from inside the cheek, you know, like Law and Order SVU – then mail back in the envelope provided. And wait – within a few weeks an email arrives with the status, company received it and sent to the lab. When the test is complete, they email you the results with a PDF to print out. Simple.swab

I truly believed Max was Shepherd/hound. I even googled the mix and came up with other pups who looked identical. Here’s a picture I took when we ran into another dog on the trail who could have been his twin.  Also the same mix, so we were told. The dog on the red leash was here from New Jersey! This was quite a site.Max and Twin

The results were a little shocking, I mean I am still baffled. No hound, no way. I emailed the company and told them this couldn’t be. They are supposed to get back to me. I even sent Max’s photo.  Guess we’ll see if they want to retest or stick by their results. Was it a waste of money, it did have entertainment, anticipation and excitement value.

Now, along with German Shepherd, the test told us Max also had –
Cocker Spainel maltese_h03

Whatever Max is, or whomever he sprung from, we love him. But we will never put a bow on his head. Here’s the full report with a few other pups in the backfield, including a lowchenLowchen.




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