Somewhere in the Galaxy –


If you think you’ll be reading about the discovery of a new planet, or solar system, you can stop now. 

       Since the Androids hit the market, my daughter has been urging me to get with the program. She has a smart phone, and was also a Virgin Mobile customer. I kept putting it off, didn’t need it – way too expensive. Who needed to check email, Facebook, Drudge Report, etc. on their phone, anyway. My iMac did fine.Virgin-Mobile-logo-web

But then, I fell in love with the sleek Samsung Galaxy S2. One little problem,  it a $600 phone. Well, not one to jump on anything at full price, except groceries at WalMart, I decided to wait. Play the game until  the next generation was out. Then came Cyber Monday and what looked like a great deal – $369, I think. Still too

The next offer, $329.00 good only until Jan. 17th.  Something told me to wait until the last day of the sale. Bingo, the Galaxy S2 went on sale for 24 hours only at $230.00. 

I know it will drop more, but I had a plan. Actually, my husband had a plan. He had the PayLo plan, $20.00 every 3 months and he barely used 10 minutes a month. Over the years, the cash in his account kept accumulating. The policy was, when you reached $400.00, Virgin Mobile would take the cash and you would have to start over with a balance of $20.00. I think they have changed that this new year.

        I emailed support and asked if we could use that cash to buy a new phone,

        Surprise – ‘yes you can.’ But not an iPhone. 

     Just like a new baby, there are additional expenses.The phone is gorgeous, big screen with brilliant color. But, with all the bells and whistles, that Galaxy is a power hungry beast. Naturally, I ordered a spare battery, a car battery charger, screen protectors, case, and data transfer cable.200397812-001

The phone came with a users manual – right. Two languages and nice shiny paper. Bare basics on how to use. My daughter said that was because so many people have these smart phones and know how to navigate with them. Complaining about the battery depletion when hardly using the phone, she downloaded “Task Killer.” Well, I am always checking and found out that Juice Defender had great reviews, off I went on my iMac downloaded the app to my phone from there. My husband would call it magic. JuiceDefender-Banner

Last week I mentioned to my teenage grandsons that I finally bought a new phone. My daughter-in-law piped up and asked, “Did you get one of those AARP phones?  GetPhoneGalleryImageI was so smug when I pulled out my Galaxy S2. “What are you going to do with that,” she asked. Come on, what am I not going to do – within reason that is.

         Have a problem, ask a question – anything you need to know about this phone is at your fingertips online.  I do have to wonder  though, why do so many people upload videos on Youtube showing the ‘unboxing’ ceremony?



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