Photoshop and Pasta Elements . . .

Just when I was going to post a couple of manipulated images I read a blog about being a purist when capturing images. Little or no work being done to the original. So, I was feeling a little guilty until I said to myself, Self,  you are not a great a photographer. Sure, I have photos of events published almost annually in a biker magazine, even a cover shot. I call them my lucky shots. Trust me, I marvel at photographers who are so talented to get it right. They are truly creative. I just do what I do.

My vision is not great, around 20/400 in my right eye, thankfully not too bad in the left. But, I am nearsighted in one and farsighted in the other. Then there’s the problem of depth perception. Hiking on a trail I may see a slight incline as being, as my husband calls it, the hill from hell. Although, the ascent is much easier for me than the, ‘oops’ on the descent. . My vision has never been good – add astigmatism and life can be a bit blurry.  Even walking downstairs can look dicey – but one compensates when one can.Oops!

Surgery, unfortunately is not an option. But, if I was granted one wish – to change anything about me physically, it would be to have 20/20 vision. At least I am not color-blind.

I was playing with the gradient tool in PSE, fiddled around and stopped when I saw something I liked. If you ask me how I did this, I couldn’t tell you. Stuff just happens.

so good It’s a little like someone asking me how I make my pasta sauce from scratch. Well, you get lots of garlic, an eggplant, olive oil, salt, red wine, beef starter, tomato sauce, oregano, brown sugar, cinnamon, oregano, basil – a pork chop, beef bone or a chicken breast, or some links of Italian Sausage. I might have forgotten something, but you get the picture. After hours of simmering, and adding homemade meatballs (that’s another story) you have something worthy of being eaten. Again and again – since you will have plenty to freeze or entertain the family.

museum original
museum gradient
fence line


4 comments on “Photoshop and Pasta Elements . . .

  1. I recently had to have my driver’s license renewed – when it came to having my photo taken I asked they guy to please photoshop it. He started laughing and asked if I could give him some more hair and get rid of his turkey neck. I am also guilty of playing with portraits. Portrait Professional is a great program for doing what celebrities have done all the time for print magazines.

  2. Sorry to hear about your vision. I have often admired the artfully manipulated image. I’m just too much in a hurry to sit down and do any serious post processing. Film never allowed us to do that much and I’m a casual Photoshop user. Made sauce the other day too, you’d cringe at how I do it.

  3. The only reason I make sauce this way? My first husband was Scillian – enough said. I had to learn from his sister and mother, and over the years continued making it the same way. Now, I am up for a a cringe – what’s your secret sauce?

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