To Costco or not . . .

Costco-LogoIt’s time to renew our COSTCO membership and am wondering if it makes sense for the two of us. We can buy our paper goods, canned goods etc. at WalMart for good value. I am a ‘sale shopper’ for our meat and seafood. Both at VONS and our SPROUTS market. So today I decided to stock up a little on meat at VONS supermarket, plus a few other items.  I tried comparing some dinner prices for some of these items and I was astounded. We rarely eat out, not that my husband doesn’t offer, but I have trouble spending $60 or more on dinner.

Here’s my  items and what they cost me:

4 Porterhouse Steaks – $20.95  3.7 lbs.         (4 dinners)

Salmon –                               $14.98    2.5  lbs      (6 dinners)

Whole Chicken –                  $6.67      5.17 lbs.    (2 dinners, sandwiches, maybe soup)

Sausage 2 large links          $1.88                          (in the sale bin added to pasta dinner)

2 Cornish Game Hens        $8.46                          (2 dinners)

SeaPak Butterfly Shrimp  $9.99    20 ounces  (2 dinners)

Ham off the bone                 $5.74      1/2lb          (2.5   sandwiches)

McCormick  marinade        $2.15

Royal Blend Rice                   $7.95                     (which I would normally buy at WalMart , saved gas)

Jumbo eggs dozen                 $3.19                 (A quiche, plus a few other uses)


Carmel macchiato                $2.99              (large coffee creamer)

Simply Orange Juice           $4.39               (1/2 gallon – cheaper at WalMart – saved gas money)


Sutter Home Moscato       $7.99                        1.5 ltr.   Many nights

TOTAL: $97.06 After saving  33% using my VONS card. There are only sales for meat and I didn’t have any other coupons.

Some  restaurant prices for:

Porterhouse, ala cart $29.99

Salmon w/veggies/rice $20.99

1 barbecued cornish game hen $10.95

1/2 chicken w/mushrooms/veggies/potatoes $17.95

Glass of wine     $6.25?




I admit it, we eat well – including a salad  and veggies most every night and a dinner roll or garlic bread. This doesn’t include my husband’s Two & a half Buck Chuck. But why eat out?

steak cornish hens Grilled_Salmon-4 eggs ItalianSausage-1393_298x196 lucerne-coffee-creamer-caramel-158859 ham grill mates montreal steak marinade.ashx oj wine shrimp chicken







3 comments on “To Costco or not . . .

  1. It’s always a tough call. I admit to eating out and enjoying it. You can make pizza but the oven needs to hotter than you can make yours at home. This past month and a half I’ve been cooking again. It’s got advantages. And for almost six months before, I ate out almost every night. Cost of living was so low as to make this a realistic alternative. So far I’ve not developed any cravings for a restaurant lately. I’m wondering when the extreme swings will end.

  2. Hi Victor, I grew up in a home where my mother was a stay-at-home, take care of the family woman. She cooked 7 days a week, a sit-down meal for the seven of us. When I married, twice that is, the tradition continued. I always believed that when a man came home from work he deserved a good meal, well-behaved kids and a wife who took care of herself. Now days with both parents working it is a different story. Kids are shuffled off to one lesson or another or a sporting event. Dinner is often on the fly and if everyone sits down at the table together it must be a special occasion. I think we are short-changing our kids this way. When my grandsons come for dinner I have one rule for dinner – no cell phones at the table and no running to get the phone if someone is texting. They don’t complain and we have an uninterrupted time to talk and catch-up.


  3. It’s getting harder to justify eating out when it’s so easy to make it fresh and so much cheaper at home! Simple is probably healthier anyways. But… I do miss the service! 🙂

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