Text me if you dare . . .


Texting  is now a common occurrence, at the mall, the park, walking into traffic and in restaurants. And, God forbid – in church.churchsurvey2

If you read my posting “Somewhere in the Galaxy” then you know I have bridged the generation gab, sort of. I went from a little, pocket flip phone 126073-samsung-sph-m340-mantra-5412to the big “ooh touch me”, screen.


From Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and now Jelly Bean. No wonder my fingers are too fat for texting.icream sandwich1gingerbread-1


I admit it, I find texting a little daunting. It’s so easy to make a mistake. The texts I receive are so full of misspelled words, LOLs and little smiley faces that I wonder what has happened to our education system. Oh, right . . . These texts are from adults. I enjoy writing and seeing word pictures come alive – but the jumbled, shortcut text language stunts my creative juices. Okay, stop ringing your hands, this is just IMHO.

6a00e54ee8552c883300e54f854c7c8834-800wiMy saving grace – texting using that handy little microphone. Speak clearly, slowly and you have a sentence which makes sense. Most of the time. Don’t break up the syllables when you  speak. I have to ask myself – shouldn’t I just call?


There are times when texting is the only way – or email. Does anyone actually have a face to face conversation – other than Skype or video conferencing?



Along with all the extras for your phone there is one more thing – texting gloves. An entire textting glovesindustry now exists to keep your fingers warm while texting, not a big problem here in So CAL. Regular gloves won’t hack it, the screen needs to feel your love.


Go ahead, text me if you dare. but not like this.

young woman driving on highway while reading / writing text on smart phone.





5 comments on “Text me if you dare . . .

  1. Texting is the only way I seem to be able to connect to my daughter. I actually love it. There is a little conflict in our relationship (typical mother/daughter) so sometimes phones calls get too emotional. With an iMessage we can check in with each other and see how each other is doing without the big dramatics. On her end. Not mine. 🙂

  2. Ah, mother daughter. Mine lives about 6 miles from me, we talk on the phone 3 or more times a day. We do have our moments – but she is there if I need her. As I have been through her many years of battling Crohn’s disease. Drama seems to be more much prevalent in this generation. Be happy, stay thirsty, my friend. You’re gonna love it, I guarantee it. TB1



  3. I text with my partner over dinner at the cafe because we want to talk about the couple next to us or want to talk about something too personal but can’t do that without texting becos there are so many people all the time over here that all tables and chairs are arranged like school tuckshops. Texting is the most important skill for Singaporeans!

  4. Hello Butterfly – at first I thought you said Truckstop. I had never heard of a ‘Tuckshtop’ had to look it up. I see your point, must be crazy there. What kind of food do they serve, is it just snacks and sweets, or . . . Glad you are well - and happy wandering. TB1



  5. Never valued texting…
    until my grandkids wanted phones (which I provided) and they didn’t need talk minutes, just unlimited texting!
    The value to me is using it when daughter is in emergency with one of the kids and she wants to know what I think…or she wants to let me know what’s going on. Too hard to talk then.

    Good post!

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