String me along . . . Why don’t ya?

He told me I had to do this everyday, I’d feel better about it. Just get through it without bleeding. Without flicking remnants of my nourishment  where they didn’t belong. For me, this habit was one I had problems establishing, I knew I would hear about it in the months to come, that I would hear that voice counting off the numbers, and if I wasn’t a good girl, I’d cringe. The report would cause a warning, I’d be ashamed.woman-ashamed-e1283538067513

So, I grab that little white box and pull. And pull. How much was too much, and would too little work? Wind it around my fingers and keep from wincing. Fourteen inches of wax-coated string to use only floss4 inches!  My frugality screamed, WASTEFUL, WASTEFUL! But I needed to make him happy, pleased with my uncluttered spaces, my pink and healthy tissue. My six month check-up was due.


Are you a flosser? Do you, as my hubby does, use at least 24 inches of floss? Does it make you ashamed when the hygienist goes tisk, tisk?




A professional teeth cleaning is a procedure in which your dentist uses a variety of tools to help deep clean your gums and the surface of your teeth. First, your dentist will use an ultrasonic cleaner and a water sprayer to loosen and remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums. Your dentist will then scrape additional plaque and tartar off your teeth by using a metal tool called a hand scraper. You could feel mild discomfort during this part of the procedure. Your dentist may also sand and smooth the roots of your teeth in order to remove plaque and other bacteria. Finally, the dentist brushes your teeth with a rotary toothbrush and a gritty type of toothpaste that polishes and cleans your teeth. After doing this, your dentist may floss your teeth or give you a fluoride treatment to strengthen them.

Now don’t you feel better?


I thought I’d repost one of my drabbles – so far, nearly 12,000 hits on Youtube. Go figure.



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