How to find your match . . .


For some time, perhaps years, I have been meaning to clean out and organize my sock drawer. Boring, I know. Like the junk drawer in the kitchen, it never seems to be a priority. Feeling guilty  about not accomplishing anything of importance one day, other than reading, dog walking and playing with phone and photoshop, I decided to dig in. When I say sock drawer, I mean three sock drawers. Don’t ask.

sport socksI started with the whites, you know the crew socks and sport socks. Every year I ask for socks for Christmas, never again. Tidy up, roll up toss the  threadbare ones and hope I’ll find a mate or two. Donate a few to the thrift store.

On to the colored socks, hot pink, purple, various shades of green, red, brown, some assortecolored socksindistinguishable and BLACK. The black socks seemed to be in control, they were everywhere, trouser socks, ankle high – short and tall. Oh, how did these get in here.? Knee high, sheer to toe socks and those panty hose – who wears them in SoCal? All black, of course. Mismatched, missing mates and on the plus side, no runs.trouser socks

Ah, missing mates. That started me thinking about dating sites – for socks. A place where lost loves can reconnect, or a place to find a mate who may not be a perfect match, but perhaps much more fun.socks

Here are a few possibilities –

MyOtherSock,org ( a non-profit for homeless socks)  (discussion group)


And if you want to be more specific –

mens-argyle-socks-662x728 Argyle Socks Diamond Argyle Trouser Socks by Foot Traffic


Tips for Organizing Sock Drawers
1. Empty the beast. Take all your socks out of your sock drawer and place them onto a table or bed. Weed out those that are beyond repair. Rule of thumb: if any toes poke out, you have to toss them. Even if they have cute pumpkin faces. Holey socks can go in your cleaning closet as dust rags.
2. No Mate? No More. Get tough on your single socks. Signing them up for an online dating website won’t work. We know it hurts, but you have to banish them to the dust rag bin. Your sock drawer is totally a couple-y snob, but that’s the breaks.
3. Get Sideways. Sock-drawer organizers let you line up your podiatric protectors in a row either lengthwise or diagonally. The beauty of this means you’ll be able to find your Shamrock socks on St. Paddy’s day in a cinch. Don’t want to spend the cash on a shoe organizer? Use empty shoe boxes to group together like colors or materials.
Remember to fold, not scold. When organizing your sock drawer, you’ll likely be tempted to cuff-over fold socks into a ball. Don’t. It’s much better for the elastic in the cuff if you simply fold the pair together – meaning you won’t have saggy sock ankles anytime soon!


AND FINALLY THIS – A gathering place for owners hoping to find that lost sock – sign up today.





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