Home Security – Cheap!


Max sleeps in my bed, and I try to keep him quiet as long as I can so as not to wake the world up before 6 A.M.  A few nights ago there were coyotes in the canyon below our deck, and maybe some two-legged people up late in the parking lot. Max was on high alert, only until about 2 A.M. I decided to close my bedroom door after we both finally conked out and he was snoring loudly.


At 6:30, the door opened and there was my husband letting me know what time it was. Why? Who cares?  I was not happy, and in my devious and groggy brain decided to make a sign to hang on the door if it was closed.  I don’t do well on 4 hours sleep.



Husband loved the sign so much he sent it to his friends. I have yet to hang it up.

Home Security






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