Slow News Day ?


A short post –  I am confused at the news today. Is this all there is?

Come celebrate “Barbie’s” fifty-fourth birthday and the man who owns over 2,000 Barbie dolls. A side note, his partner is a bit of a sluggard and only has 1,000 Ken dolls. “Barbie Man’: Florida Man Owns More Than 2,000 Dolls (


Then a conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker about her “Shoes.” I say, get a life you two.


I was reminded of the Youtube a created some time ago about “Barbie” taking over the White House on her 50th. birthday.


3 comments on “Slow News Day ?

  1. Barbie dolls arrive like a rite of ‘girl’ childhood. We did not own or buy one. My wife objected. By the time Julia was 4 years old, we had a dozen, given by well wishing friends for birthday and other celebrations. No matter, it didn’t seem to affect the wonderful daughter she has remained.

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