The Object of my Affliction

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADoggonit , I am really down with ‘dander’. I mean stuff that makes you miserable. The sneezing, the coughing and the itching. Allergy pills, nose spray – forget about it. Every Spring and Fall things get a little drippy, but out of the blue, I find myself allergic to Max! Well, not him but that white specks of dead skin that seem to get onto and into everything. Giving him fish oil, regular baths and brushing and really good food.

Yes, I know the drill. Get rid of carpets, upholstered furniture, keep the dog off the couch, off the bed and clean, clean, clean. I do my best, on some of it.  My husband has always had to use an inhaler, maybe that will be next. Taking Max back to the shelter is not an option. gg58772415

There is only one thing that I can do to avoid this problem, as much as I hate to do it.
Max-kisses-daughterI just have to figure way to get those wonderful kisses and that cold nose nudging me

Breaking News!
Just ordered this air purifier today. Perhaps Max won’t be a Bubble Boy after all.air purifier


5 comments on “The Object of my Affliction

  1. On Allergy pill and Flonase spray, for me, not Max. However, not much help with either and I just read the side effects for the spray and since it isn’t doing much good that I can tell, may forget it.

  2. My husband was just allergy tested and now he has to get allergy shots each week. Our breed of dog (maltese) is hypo-allergenic so that helps. Sorry you are suffering. I hope the air purifier helps.

  3. I am hoping also, I read that no dog is absolutely hypoallergenic because it’s the dander not the lack of shedding hair. And, after having Max’s DNA tested it was revealed that he was a German Shepherd/Maltese – now I ask you, does that make sense after seeing his photo. Hope the shots work for your hubby.


  4. A German Shepherd/Maltese? That is funny to think about! I hope the shots work too. He’s miserable.

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