Fuschia hanging around

The delicate color of this Fuschia quietly said – buy me, buy me.  I was in the market for one and had always seen the lovely dark-colored ones, but this day there was just one Fuschia hanging from a mental support beam for the tent.  Love was in bloom. I carefully put this lady in the back of the Outback and drove home with my prize. Suspended from the back deck of the master bedroom and seemly happy, she produced more and more buds.
Yesterday was one of those SoCal  May Grey days, I  decided to capture a few images and play around with them.  The bump on my head from the pot each time I stood up  soon taught me a lesson. Back away from the plant slowly with knees bent and count to ten before standing upright.


2 comments on “Fuschia hanging around

  1. Not all of it . . . that’s for sure. But one can’t pick and choose because one path leads to another and it would have to be ‘all the same’ or start from scratch. Regrets, we all have them. Then there were the victories – the ability to triumph over circumstances and opportunities which may present themselves when least expected. I am content in the knowledge of who I am and where I’m going. That’s a big ticket item in today’s stressed out world.

    Okay, now what did your comment have to do with the fuschia post? I thought you mean would I use the same camera settings. Until I pondered a bit more.  



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