Forest Fantasy

Original caption: Spring Flower Cake from Mart...

Original caption: Spring Flower Cake from Martha Stewart Living, March 2008. Vanilla-flavored bundt cake, glazed with orange syrup, served with a honey mousse and crystallized edible flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not far from home there is an old grove forest with four entrances  which cross a street and wind around to the lagoon side.  Each year we look forward to the blooming of the  Tropaeolum or as we know them,  nasturtiums.   Brilliant pops of  pinkish orange color peek out between  broad leaves, related to the cabbage family.

flowers-you-can-eat-nasturtium-saladNote for foodie wannabes -“The biggest surprise with nasturtiums is the taste. In Latin nasturtium literally means “nose twist.” While most edible flowers have a subtle flavor, nasturtiums knock your socks off with their peppery taste. Plus, it’s not just the flowers and buds that are packed with a zippy flavor; the young leaves are tender and edible as well. Nasturtiums are popular with chefs and home gardeners because their colorful flowers not only dress up a plate, they’re high in vitamins A, C (10 times as much as lettuce), and D.”

I wasn’t interested in eating them, although my husband likes to pluck the tiny round seeds and put them in the freezer for the next season. Right now he has a row of seeds on the bathroom windowsill. Cute and plump.seeds

I kept looking at the last shot I took with my cell phone earlier this week and my mind conjured up another story. Another picture. Just another adventure in PSE with my friend, Mac.

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