The loss of a faithful companion . . .

It’s been a little over a week since I lost Mac. The signs were there, sleeping a deep sleep and barely able to wake-up. Totally unresponsive to commands. Sometimes a cloud of blackness, then a blue blinking haze and Mac slipped into a coma. I was sad, a glimmer of hope was offered.  Did  I want to spend the money and put Mac in the hands of an expert. Yes.

Then the dreaded phone call. Bad news, Nothing could be done. Would I like them to take care of disposing of Mac?  Please,  I couldn’t bare to look at that face which had brought me so much pleasure. Had been faithful to me through all my trials and errors.

So Mac was sent into the dust bin of history, actually my Mac went to the e-waste recycling center. A lump in my throat and a tear in my eye and I was off to

Best Buy to buy a brand new iMac. But, my old friend’s memories are still here, I had saved his hard work on my Passport and those images and files are now a part of my new companion. So far, very little conflict between the two.

Unless you are an Apple nut, you may not understand the affection/affliction we have for our Macs.


6 comments on “The loss of a faithful companion . . .

  1. It’s a relief to know it wasn’t the dog. It’s a spiffy new Mac. I’d have opted for a laptop. I admire the large screen real estate, but my portable can really go anywhere. I’m glad you back up… which reminds me.

  2. Same thing happened to my old grape iMac. Logic boards no longer made. Had a PC laptop with Vista for a year. I’ll never get that year back. Now still on my newer iMac. Pity that Apple doesn’t alllow for 3rd parties to make parts though.

  3. Hi Jeff,  I have had only  Macs – and I am a little disappointed that they have not yet come to the table with a plug-in for my SLICK Transitions, I use these all the time in iMovie 8. With iMovie 11, which came installed, the transitions which are available are pretty lame by comparison.  On another note, I found , What is an Artist’s Persona for? – truly a gem. Looking forward to more of your posts. Andrea


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