I see beauty in . . . dead things … among the living.

While out on one of our trail walks, I paused to look at a dead bush while hubby and Max kept their usual pace. I dropped my pole, fished my cell phone out of my back pocket and pointed it in the direction of what had attracted me. First of all, I could only see myself in my Galaxy S2’s screen – I know noon is a bad time of day to take photos. But, we were there.

The original is pretty washed out as it was another June gloom day. Then I ran the shot through my new editing software. Just maybe you can see what I saw when I first spotted the bush. I like to call it “DYING OF THIRST.”
Dying OF THIRST_pe

Then there is a very old tractor sitting on a bank in front of a ‘throw-back’ restaurant, a garden center with chickens running through it, a Mexican pottery place, a liquor store and guitar center. And, a place where migrant workers hang out hoping for some day labor.

Another fence along a paved trail behind a new development.


2 comments on “I see beauty in . . . dead things … among the living.

  1. Thanks – my phone has an 8 megs camera,same as my regular camera but the phone,even though the setting is on Fine, only takes them with 72 res. Plus it was a very grey, overcast day. Using Smart Photo editor and Photoshop Elements on some things.

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