iMovie 11 – working it out . . .

mac-os-x-104-tigerAs noted before, the leap from Tiger to Mountain Lion took some getting used  to.  iMovie 11 from iMovie 8 another bend in the learning curve. I had some great transitions from SLICK that will not work on iMovie 11 – Apple is slow to make a plug-in for this much-needed software. The current transitions are lacking  and certainly cramp the creativity. Unknown

mountain-lion-logo2 copy

Here’s my first attempt using iMovie 11. Had some very old photos, from 3 camera’s back and took a crack at it. If it wasn’t for info on the net, I would have been still trying this thing out. If anyone is using this program, I have a question. My sound track visually disappeared,but played anyway after I finalized the project. Where did it go?

My husband wrote the first book of instructions on the sport of surfing as a college assignment. His book “On Surfing” is a classic and he appears in this video as a legend – at least for me. So, I dedicate my iMovie trial run to Grant.


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