Let’s Do Lunch . . . in an hour or less

English: Food Network star Guy Fieri judges a ...

Two women were deciding where to lunch. Neither one was a Food Network Star, but each was now a Hungry Girl. The problem was in picking any one of the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives nearby. There was the mall, but since they heard there were Food Court Wars going on, they didn’t want to get involved. It could turn into a 24 Hour Restaurant Battle if the social media got involved. The women knew that they’d be Chopped if they came back to work late. Of course they could give their boss some phony story about being Mystery Diners or claim they were on a Restaurant Stakeout.

If a decision couldn’t be reached soon, they’d both be getting 30 Minute Meals. This was a Restaurant Impossible to choose, especially when the Barefoot Contessa asked to join them at Big Daddy’s House with the Fat Chef. This might ruin their diet, a Food 911 might be the answer.

They weren’t looking for Extreme Cuisine and hoped that the Pioneer Woman would be Cooking for Real at The Shed. Each woman had thoughts about Dessert First, but remembered what happened to Dweezil & Lisa when they took Guy’s Big Bite. They might ask for a to-go box and add – Have Cake, Will Travel – just to pacify their boss. Of course an invitation to Giada’s Week-end Getaway would be really be an Arti Party.TU0502_Brioche-and-Berry-Pudding_lg

They secretly admitted, only to each other and to Wolfgang Puck, that they were the Worse Cooks in America. They even considered TV Dinners served up by Two Fat Ladies who were Weighing In. One of the women admitted she Will Work for Food if it is Unwrapped.

If they were late, so be it. They were the Top Five Tough Cookies and could easily make it on $40.00 a Day. Rather than picking one restaurant, and with an Appetite for Adventure they trooped off to the All American Festivals. They did have to Ask Aida for something to wear that was Chic & Easy. Along the way they could share Cooking School Stories, each woman being asked to leave after
their Everyday Italian turned into a spam casserole!spam_casserole

Lunch time ran out, the Food detectives were tracking them down, and as much as they hoped to Follow that Food, their Food Fantasy came to nothing more than a Food Fight from Martha’s Kitchen.


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