A Tale of 2 Tomatoes

close up on plateIt’s a Topsy Turvy planter on our back deck – finally after little or no sun in May and June, Two early Girl tomatoes ripened. At this rate, it will be October before the rest turn that delectable shade of red. Yes, they were yummy and made me wish for a plot of land.

All photos were taken with my Galaxy S2 and I used iMovie 11 for the video.



2 comments on “A Tale of 2 Tomatoes

  1. What a lovely pair of tomatoes. You spend countless hours tending and watering to get these beauties. And down at the local market they sell ripe ones for a few cents right about now. I gave up and watered flowers instead.

  2. Even at our local produce market these ‘tomatoes on the vine’ run anywhere from $1.99 per lb and up. I think I get more enjoyment in the process of attempting to get a few tomatoes than the actual consumption of them. I bet the tomatoes you can purchase for a few cents are great tasting.

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