The Elephant in the Room . . .

african_elephant2No time for crocodile tears, thought Savannah as she brushed them off her zebra-striped handbag. There was an elephant in the room and everyone was trying to bear up under the strain. Two board members hunched to ponce on it like a lion after some unsuspecting impala. They were soon shot down like clay pigeons rising at the sound of “pull.”

Outside the temperature was escalating, it was truly the dog days of summer. The swamp coolers struggled to keep up, but the toil became an albatross around its aging system. This was turning into a whale of a meeting, people began to badger each other for seemingly no reason at all. Savannah was buffaloed at the turn of events, nurse sharks after blood in the water crossed her mind. It was quickly becoming a kangaroo court. If she could only ferret out the reason. Perhaps she should clam up – but that was not her nature. Gorilla tactics had been tried before, all that accomplished was getting everyone’s goat.

Hop Sing stood his ground, shaking receipts in his sticky fingers. He stomped his foot like an angry bull and finally shouted,”Who pay for this?” He lost his grip on the bags he had been clinging to. Like pigs on a hunt for truffles, the board members rooted through each bag of Peking Duck, steamed hot Chinese thin pancakes, green onion and special sauce.

Savannah was the only one who ordered the puffer fish, someone had to be responsible. The biggest grouse was about the money, there was too much monkey business going on. She hated the way the men were behaving and flung a crisp $500.00 dollar bill at Hop Sing, she told him to keep the change. The board members wolfed down their lunch, like voracious snapping turtles. Savannah managed to slip bite of Tetraodontidae into their hungry mouths.
Hop singHop Sing bowed, giggled, winked at Savannah and took his money in his plum sauce-stained hand. One by one, the men began to fall ill, their tongues and lips became numb. Then came the headaches, nausea, vomiting and paralysis of the face and extremities. All the while Savannah kept her cool – she would not dial 911.

She knew that death might take several hours, she could wait. She’d been waiting a long time for her turn to take over this company. Yes, she would soar like an eagle, be swift as a deer and sly as a fox in a hen house.

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