Trapped in the paving . . .

Not what it sounds like. They are paving and striping our street, actually a long driveway for our condo units. No cars allowed down here for two days. Which means a stinky mess and a hike up a steep sidewalk to get to our cars which must be parked on the upper level street. Max went to camp and will be boarded tonight and back to camp in the morning. I miss him already.

dancingBeing retired, and usually having a stocked pantry and kitchen, we are finding things to amuse us. Hubby is reading and I am playing with a few images I took yesterday on one of our walks. It’s still hot here and with no reason to go out, I am feeling slightly trapped on day one.

Adjustable Pantry bottom-freezer-door


One comment on “Trapped in the paving . . .

  1. I like that you included a shot of your pantry. We’re ripping out our kitchen today and I’m procrastinating with the excuse, “I can’t do a thing until I check out just one more blog.”

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