My, my Mahindra . . .

world-radio-day-2013It was the tail end of a commercial on the radio. Yes, I said ra-di-o. Could be that box on your counter, the insert in your car’s dashboard , music and talk streaming from iTunes, or the Tunein app on your smarter-than-you phone.

The thing is, I heard a word. Not just any word, not the yada, yada, blah blah, but a strange and mysterious word. Mahindra. It was magical. Magical, I tell you. Yada Yada Blah Blah  8.5x11 Background copy


The sound was pleasing, inviting and brought visions of veiled, Middle Eastern maidens garbed in exotic costumes, sequins and bejeweled belly buttons and foreheads.GlowFestBollywood-062810-BW A magic carpet ride over some wind-swept desert on a twinkling, starry night.endless_desert_at_night_by_jamieque-other I couldn’t wait to Google it, find the meaning of what was quickly becoming an obsession. I would write lyrics, hire a musician skilled in Persian and Middle Eastern Percussion.

apple-imac-27-inch-nvidia-geforce-gtx-675m-angleI sat at my iMac, my heart racing, my pulse quickening and then . . . and then my world fell apart. The joy I had sought to capture with music, the dream of a made-for-TV movie and the book tours – all gone. I was rudely awakened to the sound of a TRACTOR! A TRACTOR!


There had to be some mistake. No farm equipment should own this name. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair. Then I saw the video. And all was not lost. True, the name would always bring me fantasies of far-off places. But, now it would be a corn field in Nebraska corn_field2or a planting of bright red tomatoes in Sacramento.Tomatoes-Colusa-1024x682 To the delight of my ears, now and then, I would let the name Mahindra slip quietly off my tongue . . . and lament for what might have been – my, my Mahindra.



One comment on “My, my Mahindra . . .

  1. FYI from the Mahindra company website –
    “Mahindra and an independent India began their rise together. In 1945, two enterprising brothers named J.C. Mahindra and K.C. Mahindra joined forces with Ghulam Mohammed and started Mahindra & Mohammed as a steel company in Mumbai. Two years later, India won its independence, Ghulam Mohammed left the company to become Pakistan’s first finance minister, and the Mahindra brothers ignited the company’s enduring growth with their decision to manufacture Willys jeeps under license in Mumbai. The company’s new name – Mahindra & Mahindra, of course.

    The Mahindra brothers believed that new modes of transportation could be a key to India’s prosperity, so one of their first goals was to build rugged, simple vehicles capable of tackling the Indian terrain. Early pioneers of globalization, the brothers collaborated with a wide range of international companies and before long, Mahindra’s reach extended to steel, tractors, telecom, and more.

    Now, after more than six decades, Mahindra has grown from a humble local outfit to a US $16.2 billion corporation employing more than 155,000 people around the world. It’s been quite an adventure so far, and we’re proud of our global leadership in utility vehicles, tractors, and information technology, as well as our significant presence in financial services, leisure and hospitality, engineering, trade, and logistics. As we accelerate into the 21st century, we’ll continue to pursue innovative ideas that enable people to rise. We’ve come a long way, but the journey has just begun.”

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