Weekend, the lagoons are calling.

It was 93 degrees here at the coast yesterday and the SantaAnna winds were blowing. Dust and sand were swirling around  the base camp for the kayakers who came to clean up trash from the shoreline of the Batiquitos  Lagoon. This event happens once a year– and is the only time kayaks are allowed on this lagoon. We were on the opposite side of the base camp, walking Max. At one point, the wind ripped up the black easy-up and tossed it down the beach. I didn’t have my teleconverter, so I couldn’t get as close to the camp as I would have liked. There were no kayaks in the water and very few walkers on the trail.

group two event tents

A couple with a little boy and a pit bull approached us. I had my camera and was a few feet away from hubby and Max. As soon as this pitbull saw Max, he lunged and started a ruckus. I was concerned that the man would not be able to hold onto the dog, and pleaded with the woman, who had an arm full of tattoos and was quite hefty. She said that’s what we are trying to do. The man struggled and told me he was just trying to socialize the dog! My guess, they just got this dog from a shelter with no idea of what to expect/ He should have had a muzzle on this pit bull, not a dog I would want around children. Fortunately, hubby got Max out of the way.Pitbull-leather-dog-muzzle-studded-best-muzzle_LRG

Even in this heat, a couple of runners steamed by us.

Fishing was on the mind of a few as we walked the side of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon closest to the ocean.

Early this morning the Floating Yogi’s were bringing in the boards for a class on the Agua Hedionda Lagoon.

Something light, wind in the pampas grass, along the fence and cool walking.

One lone survivor – while all the leaves are turning brown, a potted Nasturium hangs around to tease us.


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