Callus Blaster and . . . . the Bible?


Her name is Inspiration, and she is a quirky little muse, fleeting as the summer sun in Antarcticasun,
a stimulus package when it suits her–and no one else.


She toys with you,
slips in a word here, a vision there and in a flight of her own fancy,leaves you on your own until she, and only she will come to your aid. How pathetic we are to be so dependent on her. So addicted to her.

Inspiration may awaken you in the middle of that delicious creme-filled, double chocolate cupcake dream, cause you to pull off the side of the road– and even stop texting. Or in my case,  ponder for three minutes while sitting on the edge of the bathtub. Three minutes and no more. Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

Some women clean house before the housekeeper comes, I take to removing calluses before a pedicure, which honestly, doesn’t happened very often. So there I sat, on the edge of the tub applying a gritty,gel-like substance and setting the timer for three minutes. Why, you ask. The instructions warn you not a second more than three minutes, perhaps a toe would come loose or better yet, maybe that pesky bunion would dissolve.



Now, in that three minutes, my ethereal Inspiration took pity on me. Knowing that I was nowhere near my computer, she had to work fast. So fast that all she gave me was one word, Esther. That was all it took and I was off and running, well not until I washed that Callus Blaster off, checked my toes and bunion and still had to use my PedEgg for a little more work.
Callus Blaster

Esther harem






Esther is one of the most famous women in the Bible, the story of how she became Queen Esther and saved the Jews from annihilation can be seen in the video below.

Back to the inspiration at hand. I only had to order Callus Blaster on line and buy the, long-handled PedEgg at WalMart. I didn’t need any help, and I was a married woman.

Esther, on the other hand had a lot of help. After King Ahasuerus, the King of Persia disposed of his wife, Vashti for not displaying herself in front of his partying friends, he was on the hunt. He sent his minions through the countryside to bring back the best looking virgins. Esther was caught up in that cattle call.

Esther found favor with the king and he set her apart, gave her the best handmaidens and instructions for them to prepare her for him. It took twelve months of scrubbing, oiling and who knows what else before Esther was ready for her close-up.
Accepted by the King

pumice3I have no idea, other than a pumice stone what they used on her calluses. And how bad were they? A year in a spa would turn me into a vegetable. Whatever they did,it all worked and Esther, a Jew  . . . became queen. Through her efforts, King Ahasuerus sent out fresh proclamation orders for the Jews to defend themselves and take vengeance on their enemies.

That’s my edge of the tub story, just one word which led to over 500 words.



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