Some days you get lucky . . .

While I was at the lagoon, two young women were walking down the end of the little strip of sand at the lagoon. They stood right where I was going to try and get some shots of the yogis way across the lagoon. One of the young women was very pregnant – as you will see. She began disrobing, I asked if she was going swimming. Then I noticed that her friend had a much better camera than I was using – this was going to  be a photo shoot. Since they were friendly, I casually asked if they minded if I captured a few poses. No problem. So, I stood off to one side as not to get in the way and tried not to jump up and down with joy.

Let me tell you, that water was cold, and for this about-to-be mother to get in and stay there for as long as she did was very brave.





5 comments on “Some days you get lucky . . .

  1. Thank you so much – it’s always an adventure when transforming an image into something new. I never know what’s in my camera until I load them into my iMac. I’m farsighted in one eye, nearsighted in the other, poor depth perception - and a right eye which is about 20/400. Wearing glasses to read and drive – but can’t seem to do that when shooting.

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