Give Me an ‘R’ . . . .

RIf you are on Facebook you might have played this little game. Someone “gives you an R” and your friends are supposed to describe you using only  words that begin with ‘R’. Someone else may have another letter and you respond using their letter, perhaps a ‘Q’.

I decided that I would take most of their ‘R words’ and create a story – it was well-received. I did decide to leave out one ‘R’ word that was not PG rated.

So, they gave me an ‘R’ and here’s the tale.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    *   *

CIAShe wanted to  retire from the CIA , live a Respectable life.   Shop the Rollbacks at WalMart. rollback_affiliate_125X125Covert ops were always Risky–even Remarkable at times, yet she Relished most of them. Her handlers thought she was Relevant and one of the most Reliable and Responsible operatives they had– they would not let her retire. They said she had an almost Religious zeal for her work. They thought highly of her skills and were Respectful of her opinions

One more case, they pleaded. An opportunity to catch that Roman Rascal who had stolen the Rimfire Ruby, the most Radiant and expensive gem ever Registered. RimfireThe man whom the agency called Randy, but who’s Real name was Radolfo. A man who was constantly Reinventing himself. This time he was known by his associates as the Rescuer.


The thief’s family was Rich and claimed they designed the best Riding scooter in all of Randazzo,  a town and commune of Sicily, Italy.






She was Ripe for the assignment, she had a Renewed sense of purpose and was Ready to take what ever Road was necessary. She was a little Rusty when it came to her  Italian, but as an undercover agent, she looked Ravishing in her Roberto Cavalli sunglasses. She would pursue this man until the day of Repentance . . .  if it were the last thing she did.
Will get her man

Coming to a theater near you . . .theater



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