Flashback Friday . . .

Me & TippyAs a young child, I adored my best friend, Tippy. He rescued me from leaving the yard, would pull me back by my britches and alert my mother. A mix of numerous breeds, I don’t remember when he came into my life, just a happy memory now.
Moving forward, to a time of free-wheeling and fun, at least I thought it was fun at the time. Going to Mexico then didn’t require a passport, or much common sense. Ensenada was pretty wild, perhaps it still is, Hussongs was the place for bikers and tourists wannabes. It all seemed so innocent at the time.

One of the bikers in the group shot was a dog lover – he had a Chihuahua tucked in his leather vest. He said I could pet the dog – right. That little buddy had a bark and a mouth that said, DON”T YOU DARE!barking

This was a trip I made from San Diego with my daughter and a group of her friends. We all seemed to wander off and do our own thing. The only two people in the group shot that I knew were the blond in the red shorts, and the guy next to her with the cap on. Me, in the middle of those two outlaws – the bad boys of Ensenada? Perhaps.

Today, a passport and wisdom are both needed to travel here. But, it might still be fun . . .


Just to get you in the mood . . .


2 comments on “Flashback Friday . . .

  1. Always wanted to go to Mexico. So many people tell me it’s a nightmare and unsafe and you can’t take your own car. I have no interest in going to a resort…liked the idea of driving down the California coast and then heading into Mexico. I guess this post will have to do. *grin*

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