How Green is my . . . Commercial?

GreenIs there a subliminal message going on in the wacky world of commercials? It started a couple of months ago when I began seeing Green. So many commercials were using some shade or tint of  it. Not counting commercials for borrowing money, like the obvious, GREENLIGHT Financial. GREENLIGHT

Or the box of Soylent Green Crackers. e9aa_soylent_green_crackers

Sometimes the green is predominant – other times you have to look quickly to see it flash by. But, it’s there, and most of the time it has nothing to do with $$$$$ – and it’s the same color/shade/tint. What is going on here?Next time you spend tube time, see if you can spot this color. How does it make you feel? Okay, not playing a shrink, just asking.

I’ll start with this one . . .angies list_color_highres_jpeg



I Love it When you Talk Back!

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