Black Friday Blues . . .

Black Friday

I’ve got the Black Friday Blues. That ‘shop till you drop’ holiday, that once a year ‘max out your credit card’ day, has now been overshadowed. It’s more like several shades of grey, or at least several days of grey. A number of retailers are offering pre-Black Friday sales.  How could they?
Black Friday

Hot-ToysWhat will become of the hoards of shoppers charging through the doors, trampling on unsuspecting shoppers, employees and waging war with each other over the hottest toys.TRON

Will they stage a protest, call this new phenomenon unconstitutional?

Gone will be those flash mobs, those lovely groups who sang Christmas Carols in the Food Courts of American Malls. Such a timid group. No backbone.

For me, I take no risk. Other than what security hole might lurk on that ‘stay at home in my PJs’ and shop day. Who doesn’t love Cyber Monday?Cyber Monday
Can’t sleep, keep company with your friends at Amazon, eBay and run that Google search for the best deals. Bidding wars on eBay are safer than showing up at 2A.M. at Best Buy or Target. Dang, missed that eBay deal by 20 seconds.  Gotta change the settings on my keyboard, faster, faster, faster.
credit-card-online-shopping-450x250 copy


One comment on “Black Friday Blues . . .

  1. For the past three years running, I never set foot in a store and did everything online and shipped to my door. Forget Black Friday. Shop and compare for the lowest price and go for it. Of course every one is older and there is definitely a more specific wish list.

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