Skateboarding with the Pro . . .

Brad Edwards

Hold it! If you think I’m brave enough, or even coordinated enough to jump on a small piece of wood screaming down a culvert or riding on a rail – well. Enough said.

upper view culvertYou never know when an opportunity to take some shots will present itself. A time when your cell phone camera just won’t do. Saturdays, we have a routine walk at one of the lagoons. However, it had rained a few days ago and hubby knew the trail would still be muddy. We opted to go over to Calavera Lake – one trail is asphalt, and one dirt. As we walked closer to our destination, I heard the sound of skateboarders in the culvert below. Camera was still set on B&W, and it was nearly noon. Give it a shot.

I was so intrigued that I went down the hill to ask if the guys minded if I took a few pictures. I have to admit, I left hubby and Max to take a walk . . . without me.

One of the guys told me that his friend Brad was a famous skateboarder. He turned his board over for me to see that it was a Gravity Brad Edwards Board. OK. That’s not my world, so how would I know, and was he kidding me? Two of these guys were about 40 years old. Both very friendly and didn’t mind being photographed. I knew I didn’t have much time and that hubby would be looking for me, and calling me on his cell.

Grab your camera and hope for an adventure, if not yours, someone else’s. Thanks again to Brad Edwards . . . if you get the urge to fly, here’s his site –

Here’s the real deal . . .



4 comments on “Skateboarding with the Pro . . .

  1. Skateboarding is hard to photograph. David did it for a while and action shots showing the tension and skill of the sport were hard for me to capture. Good shooting for you here.

  2. Thanks  . . . I was just  happy to shoot something different. There’s a new skateboard park opening here in Jan. and if I get the chance it would be interesting to try and get some video.

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