Sunny pics to my snow-bound friends . . .

The frost wasn’t quite on the pumpkin yesterday morning, around 48 degrees at 7AM. But, this is Southern CA and by the time we headed out the temps were in the low 60s. Dog walkers, cyclists and a woman doing yoga in the middle of the drive area used by conservation trucks were enjoying the noon day sun. Lake Calavera is a favorite spot, so close to home.

I have no idea why this woman chose to sit on the asphalt . . . I asked her if I might take her picture, that after getting a long shot of her. She nodded and gave me a smile – and a V for Victory – cute. I never did get a shot of her posing, she was facing the mountain, not sure if that had anything to do with her yoga practice.happy girl

Along with a happy girl, a happy dog.

yoga dog walker

yoga girl
man dog 1man dog 2
ride through gate

two riders

Doesn’t even look like snow, but this bush will do . . .

Starting to green-up in the canyon. By February, providing we have more rain, flowers will be blooming and summer will be here soon.
across trail


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