The Girl with the Lampshade on her Head

About a month ago,  I was scrolling through all the posts on Facebook  and something weird flashed by. I backed up and there she was.  A very attractive young woman with a lampshade floating  on her head.lampshade_head No, not a party shot. Just one of those times when the photographer wasn’t paying attention.
I commented and said I could remove the shade if she wanted me to. I never hear back and thought she might have been offended. With almost 2,500 friends on FB, I didn’t know her personally.

I happened to see her pic in my downloads file and with too much time on my hands, well . . . see for yourself.
Her halo

It was only a matter of minutes after I posted the results and asking if anyone knew this woman that I heard from her.
She happened to be home sick, sitting in her recliner when she saw my post. Calling her my lampshade girl got her laughing and was she offended . . . not at all. Sometimes you can make someone’s life a little brighter and you never hear about it – this day I did.


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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