Shoot from the Hip . . .

blazing six gunsSix-guns a blazing . . . hip level . . . desperadoes gone to meet their maker. That and straight talk was all I knew about the term, shoot from the hip. Until I read an article about shooting from the hip photography. Mostly used for street images, I was curious. It sounded simple, click away without getting in someone’s face or space.

Did it matter how tall you were, or if your hips were narrow or tractor trailer wide or you were hipless? Is it really a hip or waist shot? What about shutter speed, B&W or color. If you are a pro at this, send some tips. Youtube and the web have a number of articles and videos – here’s a short clip.

I’m not good at judging distance, some shots were all sky and others, well not anything to write about. Just three shots from yesterday on a trail walk. I like this one the best. We were sitting on a bench just above the trail, great place to survey the opportunities.

All ages come her to enjoy the lagoon and wide trail.

Runners with dogs are a familiar sight.


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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