There’s Texting and then . . .

Watching people text has lost its allure. So common place this has become that one hardly takes notice – unless you have camera in hand and take your best shot without being mugged..  This was the occasion at a mall yesterday. Why – just the age difference between two I spotted. Now, both seniors and elementary school kids are totally engrossed in this age of machines.guy texting mall
senior text

Then I spotted the most amazing thing, a gentleman . . . READING. A book, not a small device but something which seems like a page out of the Flintstones. He sat quietly in front of the kiddie train, perhaps he was reading about giraffes . . .
senior reader

I stood casually outside the store where hubby was clothes shopping, with camera at hip level, and the sound muted . . . My articulating screen appeared to be holding my attention as no one bothered to ask what I was doing. More fun than shopping, at least for this low maintenance female.


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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