Stay . . . Sit . . .

A two month pain in the neck, not a relationship but an actually physical pain made sitting at my Mac pretty much impossible. Gotta love my smart phone for keeping me connected, but one cannot create the things I like to post.

Yesterday was a day for this cowboy to take his sweetie for a ride. They were in front of us, it had to be a rear shot. This 1940 Ford Pick-up was a beauty and caught my eye long enough to capture it before it turned toward the coast.

I think one of the things I enjoy most is taking some very poor pics that friends post on Facebook and surprising them with a new version. Not always easy and sometimes just impossible. But always a challenge to come up with something to make them smile. The remake of Pastor Z on guitar was so well liked he decided to use it for his profile picture. Long time friend and founder of Bikers for Christ International.

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One of my neighbors posted a shot of her and her mother at a birthday party. This was another Facebook post that, when I saw it, I flinched. I used three different programs and came up with something she really liked. Still not great, but . . .

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I’m sure this was a cell phone shot . . .

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Now, if there I could only make a living, or a few dollars more for something I enjoy. Happy to be back with WordPress.


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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