One Day in May . . . Fire Storm

Unless you live off the grid, you are no doubt aware of the fire storm that continues to damage our end of SoCal. While I wasn’t close enough to get the big picture, I did get the very beginning smoke in the Carlsbad fire, the Poinsettia fire. They say the fire started at 10:30AM, we were just getting out of our car to walk Max at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon around 10:45AM when I saw plumes of white smoke behind the condos on the beach.

The beginning.

The beginning.

Notice the man in the corner left fishing while keeping an eye on the smoke.

Behind me, Max ventured into the water – smart dog.

We were blessed not to have to evacuate. At least today is cooler, those 99 degree days are over for now. We still have the late summer fire season ahead of us.


2 comments on “One Day in May . . . Fire Storm

  1. Cooler with early fog, fires in our area nearly 100 percent contained and no further outbreaks. The thought that some of these are arson related is horrible. Suspects in custody.

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