A Muffin Top Selfie . . . sort of.

I know what you’re expecting—and that would be so unladylike of me. Muffin Top is also called . . . a love handle. Really? OK, here’s one just in case you absolutely want to see it. Not me. I’m not that tan.

Last week my husband went to the produce market for me, one of the items on my list were three zucchini. He came home with five. He also came home with five bulbs of garlic, they were on sale. Went to Cooks.com and decided to make zucchini bread with the extra veggie.

The recipe said you could substitute pumpkin for the zucchini. We buy organic pumpkin by the case for Max, great for dogs digestive system. Found a recipe for pumpkin muffins I liked better. It made 10 jumbo size delights, from scratch. You’d pay about $2.50 for one muffin in a coffee shop.

The batch looked so tasty I grabbed my cell phone, put the tin against a green screen and snapped the Muffin Tops. No licking the screen and you can stop drooling – if you want the recipe let me know.

Pumpkin muffins 2

Muffins 2


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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