Shot Thru the Fence . . . graffiti and all

About two miles down the hill is a large shopping center, anchored by Alberson’s and Kohl’s. Along one side of Kohl’s is a strip of a parking lot and a fence protecting people from wandering into sensitive habitat. There is a meandering creek which eventually falls into several ponds then cascades over the rocks. The land, until recently was a sand and gravel quarry. Now, the area around this natural beauty has been purchased by a big developer who plans to put about 600 homes in this valley.

Before the fence went up, my hubby and I hiked down far as we could get to the waterfall. Over the last few years, taggers have decided to mark this landscape with their form of expression. The graffiti turns the rocks into canvases, unnatural and of no artistic value. A few years ago I reported the graffiti to the property owners, they caught a couple of college kids and had the graffiti removed.

Last Sunday, we stopped by to see if the most recent graffiti was still there. I had taken shots of it and reported it. While I was there, a father and son were on the other side of the waterfall and the boy hiked down aways. He was not the least bit interested in the graffiti. A skateboarder came rolling by, hopped off his board and I asked him if he was here to check on the graffiti, he said yes. He had a bag and a backpack. He threw his belongings, including the skateboard over the fence and hopped over it. I didn’t get to stay, but he certainly seemed like a person of interest.
skater at falls

I received an email today telling me that the graffiti was in the process of being removed. Always carry your camera, you might perform a public service and helping the environment is a good thing.graffiti 2

A shot of the falls from a few years ago.


DOG NAPPER, and other shots through the windshield . . .

It was starting to shower, big drops splattered on the Outback’s windshield. My camera sat in my lap, almost daring me to try and capture something while I waited for my husband to come out of RiteAid. OK, let’s see what you’ve got, I snickered to my old S5. Cars and people were impossible to avoid, but I think I captured a crime in progress. One woman went in with her little pup tucked and protected under her arm. Not long after, a person of interest merged with sort of a look-a-like. But with my poor eyesight, I didn’t want to report something that wasn’t really happening. At least the pups looked well-fed and cared for.

Finally, my hubby appeared through the rain and it’s more like some bizarre painting, but I thought it was a pretty good fake out. I slipped my old friend some new batteries and prepared for another day.

A word about progress . . . NOT!

Robertson's Ranch copy 2Just 2.3 miles from home there is yet another development underway. A collection of six hundred homes, condos, apartments, a school, a fire station and some type of commercial projects, have yet to find out just what. Once graceful farmland, where we could buy fresh produce including heirloom tomatoes, is now being carved up.heirlooms The hills, which were once alive with crops and farm workers is now a barren landscape. On a trail hike a few days ago I captured all the massive equipment needed to destroy this area. It sat on a ridge some distance away, resting from the work of the week. The project will add to the already burdened roadways and to the tax coffers of our city.

When we returned to that trail today, looking for some more shots, the line of earth movers and the rest were gone. Did someone see my shot on Facebook and decide to hide the usual suspects? One lonely piece, far from where the others had been, remained further down the ridge line. It reminded me of a spacecraft sent to a distant galaxy to explore the peaks and valleys of another world’s landscape. It was silent on this Sunday, but something caught my eye. Was it sending a signal . . . or was that just the sun bouncing off the windshield of the cab? I call this shot – “The Digger”
The Digger

Golden Girl . . . and coming and going.

While out on a trail yesterday my husband asked me why I take the shots as people are walking away from me, or in the case of this next image, jogging away. You never know, a rear shot might be more interesting.
golden girl

The only time I take shots as they approach is shooting from the hip, using my camera’s high-resolution vari-angle LCD. Yes, it’s an old camera, but good enough for Canon

Then there’s the opportunity of catching someone coming and going . . .
coming & going

There had been a group of people ‘counting birds’ who made the lagoon their home this time of year.
Some wore huge binoculars around their necks and one man had the big gun . . . photo shoot, not lunch.
Bird counting day resize
birds in lagoon re

A wood pile, free for the taking away, caught my eye. Such brilliant color – for now.IMG_1548
And a little more color on the trail. couple

Then there was a man walking his cell phone – dog was extra.Walking dog

She’s bedraggled . . . but happy

She’s nearly four years old and lives in a condo below us. In the blink of an eye she can transform into a bedraggled Cinderella with sauce on her face.
 fairy godmother

She rarely sits still and likes to make-up stories about snails and such.

The sun was casting long shadows in the parking lot and getting anything decent seemed impossible. I spent just a few moments as she doesn’t seem to like the camera. Some backgrounds and here is she is.

“The Cousins” A masterpiece from a cell pic

While my daughter is back East, she is enjoying her cousins and the matriarch on the Sicilian side of the family. She snapped a cell pic that really spoke to me. Old World Family making the traditional Cappelletti for the upcoming holidays. Her aunt in the shot is now 96 and happy to have the women at her home for this annual event.
Cappelletti day
Aunt Fran at the table

Polar Vortex . . . really?

Dateline: November 6, 2014  Batiquitos Lagoon, Carlsbad CA

Time: 12PM.

Temperature: 88 degrees and sunny.

My daughter is visiting in New Jersey where it is cold and rainy. I took a few shots to encourage her  to hurry home.

The Polar Vortex is about to launch itself, are you ready?
Ready for this?

Am I a pest on Pixer?

If you are on Facebook and get the “Pixer” reminders that friends have photos to share with you, then you understand what I am doing. No one has been offended, sued me or blocked me, yet. Always have positive comments and it gives me the opportunity to make someone smile and to use some Macphun retouching software. I am addicted.

I just purchased Tonality and here is one example of a homeless man, which I posted before but Tonality takes your color pics and gives you so many options to go with B&W.

Brent 2 copy
Brent Coffee stained Tonality
This preset with adjustments is called, Coffee Stain
A few more using Intensify . . .


So, if you are one of my 2,386 Facebook friends, you just may be in for a do-over.

Throwback Thursday . . .

Early 80s and living in Stockton, CA I met a woman who worked in the same building as I did. She worked for the Chamber of Commerce and I for a finance manager, who turned out to be a fraud. We hit it off and spent time together, including an afternoon with a Russian Sea Captain aboard his cargo ship docked at the Port of Stockton. I remember there were other crew members around the table and a lot of vodka. My friend was a traveler and was quite taken with the Captain. But I digress.

My partner in crime always sent me postcards from exotic places. I came across the only one I kept and thought I would  attempt to revive it. Discolored, tape marks and a very small print, it was a challenge.

Strange how things work out. Several years ago my longtime friend purchased a second home, just six miles from me. We had continued our friendship by mail, but now get to spend time when together againevenyl camel. I Won’t see her for a few weeks, but I know she will be surprised. I printed out a copy and will give it to her in person rather than emailing it, call me old fashioned but I believe it will be more meaningful, just as is a handwritten letter.
camel colorbest

A little grungy . . . sort of

My screen saver runs through many of my pics and certain ones pop out and stay . . . change me.
Four years ago I was involved in a four day event featuring a Veterans Traveling Wall. Here’s the one that caught my eye as it slipped in for a few seconds and was gone.
A kneel 2- 5809

A kneel old building