I see beauty in . . . dead things … among the living.

While out on one of our trail walks, I paused to look at a dead bush while hubby and Max kept their usual pace. I dropped my pole, fished my cell phone out of my back pocket and pointed it in the direction of what had attracted me. First of all, I could only see myself in my Galaxy S2’s screen – I know noon is a bad time of day to take photos. But, we were there.

The original is pretty washed out as it was another June gloom day. Then I ran the shot through my new editing software. Just maybe you can see what I saw when I first spotted the bush. I like to call it “DYING OF THIRST.”
Dying OF THIRST_pe

Then there is a very old tractor sitting on a bank in front of a ‘throw-back’ restaurant, a garden center with chickens running through it, a Mexican pottery place, a liquor store and guitar center. And, a place where migrant workers hang out hoping for some day labor.

Another fence along a paved trail behind a new development.


New software uses smartphone camera for spying

“Remote burglars” could use these three-dimensional models to “study the environment carefully and steal virtual objects [visible to the camera] … such as as financial documents [or] information on computer monitors,” the researchers reported.

New software uses smartphone camera for spying – Washington Times.

Now the Smart phone has a fox in its henhouse.


Addie visits the Dog Park

It was nearly noon, the sun much too bright to shoot. I wasn’t going to drag my camera  gear with me, the dog park is covered with wood chips and not the most attractive backdrop.  However, some small voice convinced me to at least bring the bag along. When we got there an older man was just entering with a darling little girl on his shoulders. I unlocked the car and pulled out my camera bag and sat next to this grandfather and child. She was a little shy at first. I set my bag next to me and complimented the child on her sparkly tennis shoes, she then told me that they light-up at night. I asked her if she had her dancing clothes on, no just her regular clothes.

As she warmed up to me,  I asked if she wanted to know what was in my black bag, she did keep looking at it and I knew she was curious. Oh, by the way, they had no dog with them . . . just visiting the doggies there. She was only three and a half  years old, her name is Addison, Addie  for short.

I opened my bag and brought out the camera, popped on a filter and asked her if I could take her picture. Her grandfather thought that was very nice of me and so I snapped a few. She was a perfect little model, posing for me. I hope you enjoy this little beauty as much as I did.

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