The Garage Sale – that wasn’t . .

garage sale
It was supposed to be a community garage sale. We live in a condo community of 220 units. In our four grouping, three of us participated , our other neighbor was our of town. We were the only ones on our street to tag and bag and set-up before 7AM. We were hoping for a flood, what we got was a trickle,  mostly those who were looking to score cheap so they could resell later in the day.

I don’t have the numbers, but if 15 out of the entire complex hauled their goods either up or down the stairs, I would be surprised. I made the big bucks in the group – a whopping $16.00, of which I spent two buying from my downstairs neighbor.

We had five kids divided between two of the condos who spent nearly all of the five hours playing in front of the garage. I’m not sure who was more tired by noon, the kids or us. There was advertising and a number of homemade signs on the street and a notice on Not everyone here is on the community website.

Two good things happened. I did get to meet some neighbors who were new to me and visit with some old friends and a few dogs. Not wanting to make the kids uncomfortable, I grabbed my cell phone and took a few shots then played around with them. Best part of the day for me.

Playdate garage sale
Fantasy kids resize
B&WKaylee copy

Kayle-in-chair-fantasy sketch


A Tale of 2 Tomatoes

close up on plateIt’s a Topsy Turvy planter on our back deck – finally after little or no sun in May and June, Two early Girl tomatoes ripened. At this rate, it will be October before the rest turn that delectable shade of red. Yes, they were yummy and made me wish for a plot of land.

All photos were taken with my Galaxy S2 and I used iMovie 11 for the video.