Shots of the week . . . so far.

My husband asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday, which was Feb.3. Not one to make a fuss over this day, I just wanted to go to another skatepark and take some pics. We arrived about 11:30 and not a soul in sight. We had just decided to leave when one young man, on a break from work, showed up. I think he was just learning and really didn’t give me much of a show. Sun on concrete and he was dark clothing. Most would have said, forget it. Not me. As he was leaving I thanked him for not minding me taking shots, surprised and, he didn’t even know what I was doing. Now, that’s concentration. I mean. we were the only two people there. Hubby had gone to investigate other stuff, he’s not one for skateboarders.

Another day at the lagoon. Sunshine was plentiful after a dose of early morning fog. They are dredging the lagoon to replenish sand the winter tides have swallowed. I spotted the first and only bloom on one of the many cactus plants along the way. There was another older couple, I think the man was taking pics with his cell as he climbed up the hill to find the perfect yellow flower. Maybe to go with his shirt.

The Food Bank delivers . . .

On the first Tuesday of each month the San Diego Food Bank makes a huge delivery of produce to those in need. The drop off is at the Bread of Life Rescue Mission in Oceanside, CA. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots, some didn’t seem to mind, one woman yelled at me, “Please,lady don’t take my picture.” It was already too late, so I honored her request by cropping her out. The video is now on Youtube at:

The director of the mission, Steve Bassett informed the crowd I might be taking pictures for him. I tried not to be obvious as I meandered around the crowd. Bread products come from various stores and bakeries and are also handed out that day.

A word about progress . . . NOT!

Robertson's Ranch copy 2Just 2.3 miles from home there is yet another development underway. A collection of six hundred homes, condos, apartments, a school, a fire station and some type of commercial projects, have yet to find out just what. Once graceful farmland, where we could buy fresh produce including heirloom tomatoes, is now being carved up.heirlooms The hills, which were once alive with crops and farm workers is now a barren landscape. On a trail hike a few days ago I captured all the massive equipment needed to destroy this area. It sat on a ridge some distance away, resting from the work of the week. The project will add to the already burdened roadways and to the tax coffers of our city.

When we returned to that trail today, looking for some more shots, the line of earth movers and the rest were gone. Did someone see my shot on Facebook and decide to hide the usual suspects? One lonely piece, far from where the others had been, remained further down the ridge line. It reminded me of a spacecraft sent to a distant galaxy to explore the peaks and valleys of another world’s landscape. It was silent on this Sunday, but something caught my eye. Was it sending a signal . . . or was that just the sun bouncing off the windshield of the cab? I call this shot – “The Digger”
The Digger

Surfing in the round . . .

A few years ago I came across one of Gavin Hoey’s tutorials on Youtube. Since I don’t have the big girl’s Photoshop, just the Elements of it, I thought I would give it a shot one day. That day was yesterday. Took 24 of my surfing pics and in a round-about way did what I could.

Here’s Hoey’s tutorial

Who gets covered . . .

It’s not unusual to see men jogging sans shirt, always a few on this trail. This guy got out of a bright red sports car, slathered on the sunscreen and hit the trail to get his tan on.

Tan on

On the other end of semi-nudity, these two women were dressed as is their custom. I always wonder if they complain about the discomfort, they seemed to be enjoying the day.

Cover-up 1


I really believe that California has the most active residents, at least here in Southern CA. If the truck isn’t loaded with surfboards, it might be a family load of bicycles.
Family that bikes together

I remember living in CT, and spending a great deal of winter inside gazing out the storm door while listening to the Beach Boys. If only I could live . . . dreams do come true.

Keep your eye on the ball . . .

My niece sent me a shot of her  taken at Laumeier Sculpture Park in St.Louis MO. Thought I take the pic on it’s own little journey.

Laumeier Sculpture Park is a place where some very creative ideas flourish – and is open to both humans and dogs.

laumeier parkcooper 004

Scamtastic – the art of the short change

Yesterday I was waiting at the returns counter of a local dept. store. A young man came rushing in the store, interrupted the clerk and asked if he had change for a $100 bill. The busy clerk said a quick no to the guy. I had two 50s in my pocket and thought, should I? Not on your life. This interloper might have been up to the ‘short change scam’ which apparently goes on thousands of times a day.

Here’s how it’s done – don’t try this yourself.

The Day After ‘Christmas’ Pill

The day after Christmas
And all through the stores
The shoppers returned
With boxes galore.

Armed with receipts
And tinsel-strew hair
They struggled and juggled,
Eyes locked in a stare.

Their vision was clouded
With sales and returns
Pushing and shoving,
Not one taking turns.

Was it worth all the cost,
The crush and the crowd
To make someone happy
And do yourself proud?

The bills are coming
And the feet are still aching
Christmas is over.
And there’s no mistaking
You’ll do it all over . . .



The Purple Onion . . . etc.

   No, not that one.  The one that’s sitting in my refrigerator, being sliced thinly –  hoping it will be worth the $1.00 paid!

It’s only an onion, a vegetable that adds color and heat to salads and burgers. 

Now let’s talk beef – pretty soon it will be ‘Where’s the Beef.” The other day there must have been a mistake on the price of ground beef. Sure, it was extra lean, but so would have my wallet been had I paid the $10.00 per pound listed on the package! The deal of the day at a local supermarket was only $8.49 a pound, if you bought a 3 pound lump of red gold.

How will this effect fast food burger joints, or places like Smashburger, which already charges a hefty price for a burger.

Done beefing. Except for that $4.00 bag of potato chips! What? Both WalMart and the local supermarket were charging the same exorbitant price.

Now, would you like to buy a hamburger?